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At Louisville Medical Center, our chiropractic care approach is three pronged: Symptom Relief, Corrective Care, and Preventative Maintenance. Our goal is to treat your pain symptoms at the source, correct your health issues once and for all, and then help you stay on course to continue that feeling of well-being. We put to work the most modern and natural health and wellness techniques to get you on the path to restored health.

Our patients have reported pain relief and significant improvement for the following conditions or situations:

Chiropractic Care for Symptom Relief

Pain relief is the top priority of chiropractic care. Most often, new patients will schedule an appointment because they are in pain. They have tried a variety of other solutions, which may have included specialists, medication, and surgery. Nothing has worked. Nothing has solved their pain. And they are not feeling much better – or any better – since they began care.

During the first phase of chiropractic care, our main goal is to decrease your symptoms and diminish any pain. Some patients will experience immediate relief after their first visit. And other patients may start feeling better after a few more appointments. Initially, we may require daily visits or two to three visits per week.

Corrective Chiropractic Care

Feeling better is the first step toward achieving optimal health through chiropractic care. The easiest part of your chiropractic care is reducing your pain. But it’s essential not to stop there. The chances that your condition will reoccur will be greatly reduced if we continue care. To avoid a return of your pain and symptoms, we’ll need to continue care and any necessary chiropractic adjustments until you are fully healed.

During the corrective, or restorative, phase of your chiropractic care, your appointments will be scheduled less frequently than during your first phase of treatment. And we may incorporate at-home exercises and stretches to help accelerate your healing.

You may still experience a few mild flare-ups during this phase because your body has not fully healed. Depending on the seriousness and time length of your condition or injury, this phase of care may last several months or more.

Chiropractic Care for Your Total Wellness

Once your condition has fully healed, routine, periodic chiropractic care can prevent a relapse. To keep your symptoms at bay or to ensure that they stay away for good, you’ll need to keep your body in optimal condition. Similar to continuing an exercise program and eating well, continued chiropractic care is essential to your total health.

Feeling Better Doesn’t Mean You’re All Better

Lack of pain is a very poor indicator of health. Most people assume that if they don’t feel pain, nothing is wrong with their body. They assume that they are healthy. In fact, pain and other symptoms typically develop only after a disease or other condition has progressed.

For example, consider a cavity or a heart attack or cancer. Do you feel pain when the cavity first begins? When your arteries first start to clog? When the first cancer cells form? The answer is no. So whether we’re talking about headaches, diabetes, spine issues, stress or other problems, pain is often the last symptom to appear. And when you experience chiropractic care, your pain is also the very first symptom to disappear – even though your underlying condition still persists.

When you include routine chiropractic care as part of your new life, you’ll not only avoid many aches and pains but also prevent future health issues from occurring altogether. Your joints will last longer and you’ll be able to enjoy more of the activities you love.

If you haven’t experienced chiropractic care as part of your personal wellness plan, we encourage you to schedule an appointment.

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Did you know that chiropractic doctors receive more hours and schooling than traditional medical doctors? And rather than specialize in one specific area, it’s our job to know how your entire body works – and not just one part of it.

Many misperceptions exist regarding chiropractic care and its actual health benefits. But the truth is that we are healing more people through natural means and methods than doctors who use the traditional medical model of prescription drugs and surgery. The fact is that chiropractic care has proven to work better than any other invasive or expensive care model.