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Nonsurgical Knee Pain Relief

Medicaid Patients Welcome!

Are you one of the 50 million people suffering with osteoarthritis every day? Chronic knee pain can be debilitating at times. We understand the pain and discomfort that comes with daily movement. And we understand the frustration when you can’t enjoy your daily activities without pain.

At Louisville Medical Center, we are using modern medical treatment to treat painful knee conditions. And we’re helping our patients avoid unnecessary surgery and opt for less invasive and more successful treatment. Join us for a better way to pain-free living in Colorado.

Help for Osteoarthritis

What Is Osteoarthritis?

The joints in your body operate somewhat like the moving parts in machinery. Your joints need lubrication to move freely and prevent friction and wear-and-tear injuries. Machines use oil and other fluids for lubrication, while our bodies use synovial fluid.

Osteoarthritis occurs when your knee cartilage has eroded and less synovial fluid is produced. As your joint moves and still tries to function without lubrication, the bones rub together. This unnatural friction can cause painful bone spurs to develop.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Patients with osteoarthritis experience pain and swelling when they move their knee. Daily activities, such as walking up and down stairs, getting dressed, and getting in and out of bed can become a challenge. Our pain solution experts at Louisville Medical Center are here to help you manage your pain and help you live as pain-free as possible.

Osteoarthritis Solutions

At Louisville Medical Center, our patients are getting knee pain relief quicker through innovative SUPARTZ® therapy. Their results are lasting up to six months! And, most importantly, they’re glad that they didn’t undergo invasive surgery. We’re not saying that surgery is never the answer. But quite often, surgery can be avoided and replaced with other less invasive measures.

Introducing SUPARTZ® Therapy for Knee Pain Relief

SUPARTZ® therapy is FDA-approved, safe, and effective in treating and managing chronic knee pain. Many patients experience immediate pain relief after their injection. And other patients may feel pain relief in the hours following their treatment.

SUPARTZ® injections replace the diminished synovial fluid in your knee. This joint replacement fluid, called hyaluronan, is a natural substance that is naturally present in your knee. Hyaluronan is nearly identical to your knee’s naturally occurring synovial fluid. SUPARTZ® safely and effectively lubricates your knee joint, giving you better, less painful movement.

SUPARTZ® therapy can be administered quickly and easily during your appointment. This newer treatment can help relieve your pain, improve your mobility, and get you back to your normal activities. You will also regain strength in your knee (or knees) and recover an increased range of motion.

We have successfully helped many patients get pain relief from osteoarthritis and chronic knee conditions. Clinical studies indicate that SUPARTZ® injections have few, if any, side effects. And SUPARTZ® therapy is frequently covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and other private health insurance plans. Contact your insurance company to find out whether your plan covers SUPARTZ® therapy. We’ll be happy to discuss your options.  

SUPARTZ® injections have helped millions of people worldwide to greatly reduce chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis or other painful knee conditions.

Here’s how SUPARTZ® therapy works to heal your knee joint:

More about SUPARTZ® Injections

SUPARTZ® injections are provided in our office in only about 5 minutes. Many Louisville Medical Center patients find SUPARTZ® therapy to be a fast, easy answer to handling their chronic knee pain. Additional injections may be required to manage your pain over the course of several weeks.

Following your SUPARTZ® injections, your medical doctor may supplement your treatment with other therapies, such as physical therapy, medications, and rehabilitative services.

Our Louisville, CO, medical team understands your painful condition. And we realize that you may want to avoid knee surgery and a prolonged recovery. We offer SUPARTZ® therapy to our patients as a safe and natural alternative to medical surgery.

You can experience up to six months of knee pain relief. And you’ll avoid the cost and difficulty of invasive surgery!

Call us today and discover a new way to manage your pain!

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Medicaid Patients Welcome!

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