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Why Good Posture Is Important

Standing and sitting with proper alignment reduces strain on your body’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs. In addition, good posture allows you to work more efficiently and feel less fatigue.

Poor posture can cause your body to become improperly aligned and react in many different ways:

We recommend a posture screening to help determine if improper posture is causing your discomfort. Being aware of poor posture is the first step toward changing those habits and reducing any strain or stress on your spine. Our Colorado chiropractic doctors are ready to help you start feeling better today.

How a Poor Posture Screening Can Help You

At Louisville Medical Center, our medical professionals are trained to assess the position of your spine, bones, and muscles through a comprehensive posture screening. We will observe, measure, and record the way you stand and sit at different angles (from the front, side, and back). Through this detailed assessment and any necessary x-rays, we can quickly determine where your misalignment has occurred.

A Medical Approach to Better Posture

The good news is that most posture-related issues are reversible! Once we’ve identified poor posture, we will develop a chiropractic treatment plan to help return your body to proper alignment. Through proper chiropractic adjustments and other medical therapies, we can help relax your tense muscles and strengthen your weaker muscles. Your treatment plan may incorporate multiple therapies, including chiropractic care and specially chosen stretches and exercises.

Your treatment program will be specific to you and your individual posture and pain or discomfort issues. Your chiropractic treatment may include one or several of the following therapies:

What You Can Expect from Your Chiropractic Visits

Better posture both while standing and sitting is the main goal of your chiropractic treatment. Many patients experience immediate relief from their discomfort after their chiropractic adjustment. You may experience pain relief right away or in the hours or days following your treatment. Our patients also have reported a better sense of well-being, an increased range of motion, and the ability to live without the prior discomfort.

Your Colorado chiropractic doctor may need to see you several times each week in the beginning to get you on the path to healing. Once you are feeling better, your visits may change to weekly visits. And eventually, you may only need to return for monthly or occasional maintenance to keep your posture in check.

Our Approach to Better Posture and Better Health

At Louisville Medical Center, we seek to uncover the true issue of your pain and other symptoms. Rather than covering up your condition with medication or performing other invasive techniques, we will heal you in the most natural way possible, while avoiding the risk of unwanted side effects.

We believe that surgery and prescription medication are not the solution to everything. Once we understand how our bodies work and pay attention to what our bodies tell us, then achieving better posture – and better health – is a lot simpler.

With a physical medicine approach, we can solve your health problems naturally and efficiently, and guide you back to whole health. Isn’t it time you regain your posture? Start treating your body better today!

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Medicaid Patients Welcome!

A Healthy Back Starts with Good Posture

Medicaid Patients Welcome!

Could Poor Posture Be Causing Your Pain?

Poor posture can be a product of your daily life and environment. Your regular activities can often lead to poor posture without realizing it.  Many people engage in repetitive behavior, such as frequent heavy lifting, poor sleep positions, working for hours at a computer or staring down at our phones. The result is spine misalignment. In other words, poor posture.

When your body is repeatedly exposed to these behaviors or positions, your muscles become tense. Then all of the other parts of your body fall into the same unnatural rhythm: tendons, ligaments, tissue, joints, spine, etc.

And typically, problems with one set of muscles will lead to other problems in your body. So solving your poor posture usually helps remedy other problems with your muscles and tissues.

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