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Are You Suffering with Shoulder Pain?

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Shoulder pain can be caused by a number of conditions, including some that wouldn’t seem related to the shoulder area. And shoulder pain can significantly limit your ability to perform many daily functions and simple tasks. Your shoulders contain bones, muscles, arteries, veins, and nerves, as well as tendons and ligaments and other supportive elements. An injury or tear to any one of these structures can cause long-term shoulder pain. Your shoulder pain may also be traced to other parts of your body.

We have helped heal patients with numerous shoulder injuries and conditions:

Better Shoulder Injury Care for a Better Quality of Life

We’ll help you recover from your painful shoulder injury. As your injury heals and your muscles regain their strength, you’ll discover a radical improvement in your quality of life.

At Louisville Medical Center, you will receive top-notch medical health care for your shoulder pain. And we will also provide healing strategies and pain management guidance for any other symptoms related to your shoulder injury. Our objective is to restore your good health without invasive surgery or any unnecessary medications. We’ll identify the root cause of your shoulder pain and treat the underlying cause, rather than just mask the symptoms.

The Louisville Medical Center Difference

At Louisville Medical Center in Colorado, our certified medical doctors treat the whole patient – every time you come in. Many conventional approaches merely treat a single area or just a few symptoms. But we know that what affects one area will also affect another.

We provide complete medical care and offer the least invasive and most effective solutions for your shoulder pain. We will also treat any weakness, numbness or loss of function related to your shoulder pain. Our goal is to get all of your body systems operating in tandem with one another. Once you regain that internal harmony, you’ll find yourself feeling younger and healthier than you have in years.

Unexpected Causes of Shoulder Pain

The most frequent causes of shoulder pain and injuries are the surrounding soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other surrounding structures. Localized or referred pain (pain that travels) can be the result of numerous conditions. So it’s up to us to solve your pain mystery, and then create a healing plan that will get you back to enjoying life again.

Unexpected causes of shoulder pain can include the following conditions:

Customized Care for Shoulder Injuries

We know that a shoulder injury can be an obstacle to your normal daily life, and we will seek to repair your injury and reestablish your life as quickly as possible. Your Colorado medical team will also collaborate with you to develop the best health goals. And we’ll create a systemized health care plan to restore your health and ability to function.

Your Louisville Medical Center customized care plan may include a variety of treatments selected to meet your particular health situation and needs. You’ll experience modern modes of treatment that focus on your overall wellness, injury healing, and reinjury prevention. You’ll also discover modern, effective care for your shoulder injury

Your medical doctor will record your health history, take any necessary digital images, and perform assessments to establish the best course of treatment to heal your painful shoulder condition.

You may be prescribed a variety of modern treatment methods:

Trigger point injections offer effective shoulder pain relief. Reducing the pain and other effects from tight, painful knots can prevent the spread of pain to other areas of the body.

Rehabilitative services are essential for a complete recovery and to prevent any of future relapse or reinjury. You will be given a customized plan that includes a variety of natural methods:

Heat or ice therapy on your painful shoulder injury will help reduce inflammation, numb pain, improve mobility, and provide general relief.

Topical creams contain a local anesthetic to numb the area and reduce pain signals in your shoulder.

Physical therapy can help you regain strength and increase your overall range of motion. Your physical therapy may include stretches and exercises to strengthen your weakened muscles.

Chiropractic care can realign the bones in your spine, and relieve pain and pressure from the surrounding structures.

Manual therapy manipulates your muscles and myofascial tissue to provide pain relief, increase blood flow to the soft tissues in your shoulder, and allow for tissue repair and faster healing.

Your medical doctor at Louisville Medical Center will identify any issues causing your shoulder pain and provide you with the most effective and least invasive pain solution.

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